About Us

Capgrow was founded in 2013 by Chris Louw and Abel Erasmus. With deep knowledge and expertise in commercial, industrial, retail and development projects, Abel and Chris created Capgrow with the intent to source well-positioned commercial, industrial and retail properties that suit both tenants’ and investors’ needs.

Over the years both directors have been involved in developing and managing a diverse portfolio of over $300 million.

Today, Capgrow continues to create value for clients by actively crafting a diverse portfolio of investments consisting of commercial, industrial and retail assets.

Chris Louw
Co-Founder and Managing Director

With over two decades of experience in financial services, property investment and development, Chris offers expert advice and consultation that defy expectations.

A long-term resident of Hope Island, with a deep understanding and appreciation of the commercial property industry, coupled with extensive commercial real-estate experience, Chris is responsible for managing Capgrow’s property investments and developments, as well as setting the strategic direction.

Chris approaches each project with a depth of expertise and passion that is of undeniable value to each and every client.

Beginning his career in the acquisition and selling of commercial and industrial properties, Chris has gained valuable insights into various markets over multiple economic cycles.

Prior to founding Capgrow, Chris acquired and merged four established commercial real estate businesses located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast under the NAI Harcourt brand.

Co-Founder and Director

With over 18 years of experience in finance and property management industry in Australia and South Africa, Abel has a deep understanding of the complex processes of asset acquisition, development and sale.

A former managing director of an unlisted property fund, Abel brings an extensive wealth of knowledge of retail, commercial and industrial property to expertly advise clients on their investment and development ventures. Abel shares the Capgrow managing director role with Chris Louw and together they identify and structure investments for the benefit of their clients.

In his former role as managing director of Bronze Door Property Fund, Abel navigated the fund through the Global Financial Crisis and supervised the operations during the divestment of its assets.

Abel is currently a Director and shareholder of the Anthill Group which develops and manages a number of commercial properties across South Africa.

His expertise extends beyond general investment management, to positioning assets for long-term wealth creation, capital security requirements and strategic market analysis.