Our Services

Our business model offers you a complete end-to-end design and construction service that’s efficient, professional and flexible.

Services include:

  • Acquisition/ Procurement Negotiation
  • Buyer’s Agent Services
  • Design
  • Costings
  • Funding
  • Asset Management

What We Do

With experience in construction, development and management of over $300 million in commercial assets, we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. We have worked with a diverse range of clients including: BP, Woolworths, Shoprite, Vogue Warehousing, Industrial Tools, Zarraffas, Government Tenants and many more.

At Capgrow we:

1. Simplify the process

Our success is due in part to our customer-driven business model. Based on a coordinated platform where we assess the needs of our clients and deliver in accordance with our preferred consultants. It allows us to simplify the complex building and relocation process and deliver considerable advantages to our clients including efficient and flexible updates throughout the project and a complete design and construction service. This is also the case for new leases where the tenants can focus on their existing business. We engage with corporates or private companies to understand their needs and deliver on their specific requirements. Everything we do is purpose-built.

2. We’ve got the experts

To support and enhance our business model, our coordinated consultancy expertise include: architectural and design teams, estimators, project managers, civil, infrastructure and authorities managers, legal and finance staff and more.

  • Working closely with our business consultant teams, these vast areas of expertise allow us to minimise delays and provide complete solutions from design to occupation, across all property-related construction and development activities.
  • Where we’re unable to advise, we work with external consultants on an as-needed basis to ensure all your requirements are met.

3. We understand risk management

Our long-time involvement in the industry affords us an in-depth understanding of the market and all the inherent risks that come with the property development business. As a result, we are continually working to manage and mitigate risks to ensure successful outcomes.

4. We’re here to add value

Beyond the development, we make it our top priority to deliver value for you. We’ll work to thoroughly understand all your requirements so we’re consistently delivering results.

5. We can help beyond the build

Additionally, we can provide further assistance organising your move, arranging for short-term tenancy and/or storage, managing lease legacies and amalgamating sites.